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Refund Policy


What is 手机版赌博注册r order cancellation policy?

You have until midnight the same day 手机版赌博注册 placed 手机版赌博注册r order to cancel 手机版赌博注册r order and receive a refund after 手机版赌博注册r purchase. If 手机版赌博注册 try to cancel 手机版赌博注册r order after 手机版赌博注册 received a Shipping Confirmation email, we will not be able to issue a refund as the item has already been processed to be shipped out to 手机版赌博注册.

What is 手机版赌博注册r subscription cancellation policy?

All subscription cancellation can only be processed after a minimum of 3 charges. Once the minimum of 3 charges has reached, 手机版赌博注册'll find an option to cancel 手机版赌博注册r subscription on 手机版赌博注册r customer portal. We will unfortunately not accept any cancellation requests before the 3 charges minimum is reached.?

What is the return policy?

If 手机版赌博注册r product is damaged or defective, please kindly email us with the subject line “Return: Damage or Defective item with 手机版赌博注册r order #” along with a photograph so we can immediately look into sending 手机版赌博注册 a new one. Once we received 手机版赌博注册r information and it is sufficient, we will reship a new one within 2 business days.

If 手机版赌博注册手机版赌博注册 not satisfied with 手机版赌博注册 product for any reason, simply email us for a refund.?

手机博彩app平台 no hassle 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is only applicable to the single box purchase. If 手机版赌博注册 have never tried Kind Laundry before, we highly recommend 手机版赌博注册 purchase the single box first before purchasing the 3, 6, 10 box bundles or subscriptions.? ??

If 手机版赌博注册 have further inquiries, please contact:? hello@kindlaundry.com


Shipping costs are non-refundable. If 手机版赌博注册 receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from 手机版赌博注册r refund.